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by Mayank
Yesterday, 20:41
Forum: Actuarial Tables
Topic: Insurance applications of Tables
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Insurance applications of Tables

In order to price  insurance  products, and ensure the solvency of insurance companies through adequate reserves, actuaries must develop projections of future insured events (such as death, sickness, and disability). To do this, actuaries develop mathematical models of the rates and timing of the ev...
by Mayank
Yesterday, 19:50
Forum: Study Techniques
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Great stuff Saurav! Thanks for writing :)
by Mayank
Yesterday, 12:10
Forum: Jobs
Topic: Executive - Actuarial, Max Bupa, 3+ years
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Executive - Actuarial, Max Bupa, 3+ years

Statutory IRDA & TAC Reporting Valuation of claims liabilities Reinsurance treaty structuring support Data Analysis and Actuarial MIS Product Profitability Review Review of pricing assumption and models Analytic support for Reasonable and Customary Charges Support GTM for products Preparation and m...
by Mayank
Yesterday, 12:05
Forum: Jobs
Topic: AIG - Actuarial Associate, 0-1 exp.
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AIG - Actuarial Associate, 0-1 exp.

Functional Area:AC - Actuarial  Estimated Travel Percentage (%): No Travel  Relocation Provided: Yes  AIG ANALYTICS & SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED   Candidate Profile – Entry level position for candidates who have started on the actuarial career path and have a quantitative background. As the analyst in...
by Mayank
Yesterday, 12:00
Forum: Actuarial Discussions
Topic: Whether an actuarial fresher start working in risk management sector?
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Re: Whether an actuarial fresher start working in risk management sector?


I donot have idea about particularly life insurance, that may be related to periodic tables but yes Actuaries play a huge role in risk management. Many Actuaries are also Risk Officers so you shouldn't leave a chance to be there. 
by Mayank
30 Jun 2018, 00:38
Forum: Actuarial Discussions
Topic: Starting Actuary course at the age of 28 yrs
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Re: Starting Actuary course at the age of 28 yrs

If you are already working in the insurance industry, it is a great idea at any time in your life. Apart from that at this age, switching to an unknown field is as extremely hard. However if you have enough time where you are just looking to do anything and have interest in maths and stats, go for i...
by Mayank
29 Jun 2018, 22:33
Forum: Climate Change
Topic: Climate Change and Actuaries, A 2006 article, still follows.
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Climate Change and Actuaries, A 2006 article, still follows.

Climate change and actuaries Whenever you open a newspaper or turn on a TV these days, it’s not long before you find some reference to global warming. You might therefore feel you have had enough of the subject. However, in our role as long-term risk managers climate change may have a considerable i...
by Mayank
24 Jun 2018, 22:38
Forum: Actuarial Discussions
Topic: CT3 Question Papers
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Re: CT3 Question Papers

I am going to start practicing past question papers in a week's time. I have the papers and their answers from that of 2005 till 2018. Which paper is the first one to follow the syllabus for this year's September exam? I don't want to start doing the old ones and then realize midway that they are n...
by Mayank
24 Jun 2018, 09:26
Forum: Actuarial Discussions
Topic:, an Insurtech startup
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Views: 135, an Insurtech startup leverages Artificial Intelligence to change the way the trillion-dollar global property insurance industry has been assessing risk for decades.   They use the latest advancements in computer vision and deep learning on 115+Bn data points on residential and commercial properties to extract k...
by Mayank
23 Jun 2018, 08:15
Forum: Interviews and facts
Topic: Interview Question
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Re: Interview Question

Actually, i've given the anwer of this question in my last interview but they said its not satisfactory so i posted it here to see different perspectives of people so please help me out eith your answer. Sent from my A1601 using Actuarial Info mobile app If you don't mind can you please post the an...