Zesty.ai, an Insurtech startup

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24 Jun 2018, 09:26

Zesty.ai leverages Artificial Intelligence to change the way the trillion-dollar global property insurance industry has been assessing risk for decades.  

They use the latest advancements in computer vision and deep learning on 115+Bn data points on residential and commercial properties to extract key building features (e.g., roof geometry, material, quality; distance to inflammable vegetation and more) to accurately model the potential impact of both non-catastrophic and catastrophic loss events, such as hurricanes, floods, wildfires and earthquakes.

Several insurance carriers and reinsurers have partnered with zesty.ai to underwrite risk more accurately, provide their customers a smoother purchasing experience and manage inspections more cost-effectively. 

For more info please visit https://zesty.ai and watch their 100-second video.

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