Do actuaries work at silicon Valley startups?

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10 Oct 2017, 08:45

One such startup comes to mind-- HealthIQ.

HealthIQ, is a mission-based silicon valley startup that has treadmills in its conference rooms and a full-blown weightroom in the center of the office.

HealthIQ started as a health survey that gauges how much someone knows about health and fitness. With this data, they've discovered that there are significantly lower mortality and morbidity rates amongst those who are health-concious.

HealthIQ is teaming up with insurance carriers to offer a wide range of health and life products at discounted rates. The actuaries play a key role in connecting the health-survey data to develop actuarial assumptions for these products.

I believe HealthIQ has a strong chance for success-- founded by successful serial entrepreneurs, strong venture funding, access to the Silicon Valley labor market, and an innovative business that has produced huge revenue growth.

When I see what HealthIQ is doing my mind is blown at the possibilities for actuaries in insurtech.

What other niches could the unique skills of actuaries be used to develop specialized products?

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