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GE sir,
Ques are as...
1) what are employment opportunities for actuary with no experience in domain but with experience in marketing?
2) how do employer consider, actuary with experience in sales and marketing, and with no experience in domain?
3)what u will suggest to student who just loves acturial, looking for opportunities with respect to above 2 queations

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12 Oct 2017, 21:51

I can speak about employers in the USA, and maybe that will be helpful.

The difference between a potential actuary and someone who would like to be an actuary is the exams that they pass.  As employers, we understand what it means to pass an actuarial exam.  We might not understand other qualifications quite as well.

Thus, if the world's greatest salesman comes after passing several actuarial exams I'm going to think about him or her as a potential marketing actuary.  The exams help us choose people who have the ability and the desire to be an actuary.  After that we want to put those people into functions where they will be most productive and have the most fun.
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