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Task 3 - Recording Absolute Macros

Posted: 11 Oct 2017, 15:26
by Mayank
Before you start recording a macro, take a copy of the current sheet so you have a replica to test your macro on later. Record a macro called FormatTable, with the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + F, which will format the table and add a formula into column C to calculate the ratio of people who gave CT exams this time.
Task 3 - Recording Absolute

"The steps involved in this macro are:

In Cell C3 add in the header % People.

Highlight Columns A-C and centre the text within each column.

Align the main header Favourite Cheeses Data across Columns A-C.

Change the Font of the main header to Bold and Size 14pt.

Change the Font of the table headers in Row 3 to Bold and Size 12pt.

In Cell C5 type in a formula to calculate the ratio of the people who prefer that cheese.

AutoFill this down to the bottom of the list.

AutoSize the column widths."     
Task 3 ans - Recording Absolute
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