Average Waiting Time After Graduation.

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29 Apr 2018, 19:48

Hello Mr. Ayush,
There is a saying that it can take upto a year to land into your first job in Actuarial.
I have seen some guys (like me) finding a job in a month and some even struggling for couple of years and finally they give up to do something else. From your experience in recruiting field, would you be able to tell how much patience one should keep with themselves to land into 'First Job'.
Also, What should be the reason that sometimes it takes a lot of time? Is it lack of opportunities or lack of skills in a personnal?

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29 Apr 2018, 22:05


I really don't understand without doing any R&D why students run after this profession when they can't be patient for the right time.. still if you are struggling in getting a job need to understand "the time is not right for you" and Trust hard work always pays off & do wonders. and This profession is all about hard work & demand such champs who are full of energy & patience..

for me Actuarial has the Tagline i.e. "Risk is Opportunity" follow this.. :)

Just an advice be active on LinkedIn !!

Ayush Anand 
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