#9 Video Lesson: Error Checking & Data Monitoring

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06 Feb 2018, 16:12

 In the following video tutorial, I go over the following items in detail:
  Explanation and example of major error types in Excel:
 #DIV/0 — #VALUE! — #REF! — #NAME? — #NUM! — #N/A — #NULL!
  Overview of Excel’s built-in error checking options and functionality.
  How to use “Go To Special…” to find errors easily.
  Copy / paste large data areas for data monitoring.
 Using direct comparison, and SUM/COUNT functions to compare data changes.
 Use of Conditional Formatting for emphasis when comparing ranges.’
Download the Error and Data Checking file to follow along with the video lesson!

If unwatchable, please click here.

Content From: Excel Exposure

Mayank Goyal

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