Understanding chapter before reading

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14 Jul 2018, 12:25

When we study we just start reading through the chapters without even thinking about what the chapter is all about. Don’t you think it would help if we just knew the chapter contents before reading?  It would not only help you to understand the chapter more easily but also will be a time saver.

So how can we do it?

Step 1 - Reading the objectives and summary of the chapter before reading it. I know you wouldn’t understand most of it, but even if you understand some of it. It would help. Just read it once.

Step 2 - Read all the headings and subheadings of the chapter and it would be best if you take a note of all. This would further enable you to understand the chapter

Now, the most important part.

Read the summary, objectives, and headings again.

I can guarantee it won’t take more than 15min. to do all this and trust me it's really effective. In just 15 minutes you will know what actually you are reading, which topics you know, which don’t, even the hard topics won't look so hard.

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